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Operational Mode

Over a period of time, our Guards have developed the most effective tools and structure for carrying out security services in the country. Our day-to-day operations involve the following cadres of operatives:


A) Fixed Security Team

This team is stationed at every location or operational beat. It headed by a Security Supervisor who reports to the Head of Operations and takes charge over the operatives assigned to him.


B) Operations Monitoring & Communications Group

This team is equipped with communications gadgets (Mobile phones, radio/walkie-talkies, etc) to relate with the PST, the FST and the Head /zonal office. They authenticate the identity of every Guard on Duty to track attendance and punctuality


C) Patrol & Surveillance Team

The PST moves around in Fortress patrol cars twenty-four hours a day to evaluate situations and reinforce the FST where necessary. A Patrol Supervisor who reports to the Head of Operations heads the team.


D) Client Relationship Management

Our CRM Unit operates a twenty-four hour service to ensure a two-way communication between the Head of Operations and the Client. The CRM maintains regular interactivity sending stewardship reports and feedbacks to both the Client and Fortress management.


E) Communication and Backup Control

A base station and a mobile patrol unit, backed up with adequate communication is usually attached to ensure effective link-up with the ground forces. This guarantees prompt responses in the case of an emergency or armed attacked.


F) Log Book (Documentation)
We expect our client to provide us with the following log books for documentation purposes.

  • Vehicle movement log book
  • Attendance Log book
  • Visitor’s log book
  • Incident report log book
  • Key control log book

G) Provision of Security Post:

A Security post must be made available for the use of our security officer in your protected premises. And when you do not have one, we can render our consultancy services for you, for the security survey of your perimeter fence so as to determine the best location, as well as to design and build one for you.